Microsoft relaunches SkyDrive as OneDrive

On February 19, 2014


A while back Microsoft announced that they would be making changes to SkyDrive. The biggest change is that the name has been changed to   OneDrive, earlier today Microsoft finally released the final version of their cloud service.

The new service comes with a rebranded UI making all versions look similar. While the new iOS App has already seen the changes Windows, Mac and Android apps will be updated during the day. One of the biggest changes is that OneDrive now offers a referral bonus system.

From the announcement on Microsoft’s OneDrive blog:

“As part of that goal, we’re doing more than just changing the name with today’s release: We’re rolling out several new capabilities, including automatic camera backup for Android and the ability to share and view videos just as easily as photos.

We’ve also added new ways for you to earn more storage—on top of the 7 GB we already give you for free. Customers who refer friends can now receive up to 5 GB (in 500 MB increments) for each friend who accepts an invitation to OneDrive, and we’ll even give you 3 GB just for using the camera backup feature, since we want to help make sure you never lose another photo.

There’s even a new monthly payment plan, if you’d like a little more flexibility in how you use your storage.”

In other words you will get 7 GB free storage just if you sign up, add 3 GB if you enable the camera backup. Furthermore more every friend who signs up you can get 500 MB extra space. Should you need more space then Microsoft offers paid plans starting at $25/year for 50 GB you can also get 50 GB for $50/year finally if you really need a lot of space you can get 100 GB for $100.

If you’re interested, you can download the OneDrive iOS app here, or find out more about the service here.