MightyDocs Redux…

On October 5, 2008

Back in July we took an initial look at MightyDocs, a free app for accessing documents created and stored in GoogleDocs from your iPhone. At the time, it was a remarkable application that made the iPhone and iPod Touch a far more useful productivity app than it had ever been previously.

A short time later, MightyDocs allowed Google Docs that were accessed from the iPhone/Touch to be cached on the device for offline access. Coming from a year using the iPhone with web apps that only worked when an internet connection was available this was a big deal.

Now, post 2.1 firmware and oodles of new apps later, I took a fresh look at MightyDocs. The result?

Clearly the device, and the abundance of new apps, makes this formerly "Wow!" app look like a "What’s the point?" app.

Why? Because MightDocs only allows you to passively view your Docs. Moreover, only Docs can be accessed. Got PDFs? No go. Want to make some changes? Nope. Want to create new content? Not going to happen.

In a world in which  the likes of TextGuru and WriteRoom are available for creating and editing text and an abundance of file sharing apps now allow content to be stored and accessed locally, MightDocs feels… a lot less mighty.

Sure it is free compared to those paid apps, but free and limited vs a few dollars and real editing isn’t much of a contest.

It is just one more reminder of how rapidly the ways in which many of us use the iPhone (as well as our expectations of HOW we can use it) are evolving now that 3rd Party apps are a reality.

Oh, and this text??? Written and edited using WriteRoom. Try that with MightDocs.