Mint releases mobile app for iPad, 3 years after iPhone version

On November 8, 2011

Mint is a very popular personal finance manager that caters to only US and Canada financial institutions. However, with that being said and done, there are millions of people that rely on it as it gives crucial information as to how someone can save money or even make money in the process.

The application is fairly easy to use. Users can check the amount of money that they have real-time and add any transactions that occur easily with its simple interface. Some of the things that are covered include investments, advices, budgeting and many more making it one of the most powerful personal finance managers on the device.

The application for iPad has graphs which show the amount of money that is being exchanged in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to that, the overview screen has been redesigned so that information regarding the person’s financial standing can be seen easily. Information such as bill payments, alerts, and advices are available at the overview screen.

Like its online version, Mint for both iPad and iPhone is available for free. However, most of the things done in Mint need to be done with an active internet connection but for the iPad version, some things can be done offline as well.