Mobile Orchard Jobs Board: iPhone Jobs & Contract Gigs. Help-Wanteds Free, But Must Pass Muster.

On September 2, 2009

People want to hire you and, for a while now, they’ve been emailing me about it. I thought it best that they be able to tell you directly. With that in mind:

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our Free iPhone Jobs & Contract Gigs Board.

Pairing targeted help-wanteds and popular, topical sites that attract technical audiences is well tested. See e.g., the jobs-sites from Joel On Software, 37 Signals and Stack Overflow.

So here’s what’s different about our iPhone jobs/contracts board: it’s free to post a help wanted ad, but each ad is screened for relevancy before being listed. To pass the muster:

  1. The ad must be for a position or contract that is primarily iPhone related.
  2. The project, job or contract must have a budget that supports market rates.
  3. The candidate seeker must have experience working with developers.

In summary, I want the gigs listed as help-wanteds to be the opportunities I’d be interested in.

Free ads are listed in the Jobs Home Page, Jobs RSS Feed and Jobs Twitter Stream. For $50 advertisers can run their ad’s headline in rotation in the main Mobile Orchard site.

Would appreciate your help getting the word out on Twitter, in your blogs, and to people looking to fill gigs. Also, please subscribe to the jobs feed and/or follow @iphonedevjobs on Twitter. Running those subscriber number up is helpful in the social proof department.

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