Mojang rolls out Minecraft Pocket Edition realm slots

On June 19, 2013

Hey Minecraft lovers. There’s good news and bad news for you guys.

After the long wait, Mojang has finally started rolling out server slots for public realms in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. That is of course the good news.

Coming to the bad one: though released, it is highly likely that you wouldn’t get it anytime soon. Why? Remember how Mailboxwas released initially. Waiting in queue for weeks to take a look? Similarly, Mojang is announcing the realm slots in slow batches of 100 at a time and they’re getting filled in a snap. This would help them to make their servers fast, bug-free and under-loaded. So unless your luck is at its peek, you’ll have a narrow chance of getting it.

Now to more details on the realm.

These will be subscription based slots for about $15 per month. Once setup, it would be real easy to play Minecraft Pocket Edition with your friends and family. You can also keep your white-list as usual.

To keep updated, you can follow Amir Moulavi of Mojang, who is the one announcing realm slots. On the other hand, if you are not such a hard core fan, you can wait for sometime and I’m sure it will reach everyone, soon.