More than an Apple a day

On July 24, 2009

 As a lifetime Apple user—I’ve literally never owned or worked on a PC—a guest on “The Charlie Rose Show” on Thursday night / Friday morning made me scratch my head and wonder about how much of a good this really is.

In his interview with Rose, blogger Michael Arrington from Techcrunch said that one of the major points of resistance for him jumping on the iPhone bandwagon was having too many pots on the Apple stove. He pointed to the Pre as a strong option that could run many apps and had a preferable keyboard—the iPhone’s optional keyboard was cited as uncomfortable anyplace that wasn’t a flat surface such as a desk or table. The other point in Pre’s favor was that it was a non-Apple product. Is that really an advantage?

In the end, he went with an iPhone for its multitude of strengths. But he did raise a question: How much Apple is too much?

For me, Apple just plain makes sense; it’s my native tongue. Much like Ford trucks and Robot Chicken, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to Apple.

My current count is five Apples—a nano, an iPod, a MacBook Pro, a Power Book, and my shiny new iPhone.

What’s your tally?

And what’s your limit?