More on Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, the iPhone game

On January 28, 2010

Sherlock Holmes MysteriesRemember the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries game released in conjunction with the Robert Downey Jr. movie?  Well, the WB has just lowered the game price to $.99 and released a set of tips for the game.  They are:

1.  Retrace Your Steps!  If you feel like your investigation is stalling out, try revisiting previous location. Make sure you talk to everyone, as many clues are uncovered in conversation.
2.  Tap Into Sherlock’s Mind! Touch an objective to bring it to Sherlock’s Mind. You will need to complete the chosen objective before you can put the clue to mind by selecting it and tapping “Put to Mind”.
3.  Locate the Screwdriver! If you find that you are lacking this essential tool for assembling the Electric Gramophone, you would do well to revisit locations. Rotterdam was known to be quite the tinkerer. Too bad he lies chilling in the Morgue.
4.  Pick the Locks! When picking locks, you will need to discover a path that connects all of the tumblers between the start and the finish.
5.  Find the Copper Coil! If you are having problems finding the copper coil for the Electric Gramophone, be sure to scour Pennington Place.

Some clips for the game are also available online –
·         Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone and iPod Touch
·         Boxing Gus-Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone and iPod Touch
·         Finnegan Fight-Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone and iPod Touch
·         Lock Picking-Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPhone and iPod Touch

Yes, I’m a shill, but I do legitimately like the game.  If you haven’t already purchased the game and like either Sherlock Holmes or mystery games, I highly recommend it.