Most addictive games for iPhone and iPad

On September 12, 2013


Addictive games – though they steal alot of productive hours out of our lives, these are among the most liked genre of games. Of course, they can be a great asset while waiting at the subway or attending a boring lecture, too. So here are some of the most addictive games available on iOS.


I’m sure you’ve already had your hands on this one, thanks to the price dropping to zero at the ‘AppStore’s 5th birthday‘. Bagging Apple’s Design Award, Badland is the best one-touch game we’ve ever seen. Maneuvering little silhouetted heroes through sharp saws, hydraulic pistons, mines and spike balls by multiplying, sacrificing, expanding, rolling, sticking and squeezing is an out-of-the world experience. The multiplayer mode is even more addictive and if you don’t have this game yet, its worth to invest.

screen480x480 (3)Read our review and get BADLAND ($3.99) from the AppStore.


Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption

It is another game where things are kept unique with four different gameplays crushed into one. Throw your bait into the cold seas, tilt to avoid fishes and reach the deepest waves and once struck, collect as much sea food as possible. And once it hits the air, shoot’em up. Get longer ropes, better equipments, hooks, flash lights and more, to beat high scores. With pixelated graphics and funny theme, Ridculous fishing is undoubtedly a must have.

Screen-shot-2013-03-05-at-22.02.55Get Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption ($2.99) from the AppStore.



This classic game doesn’t need much of an introduction. Match three gems of a color and they go poof! Do combos, more than threes, use power ups and complete levels within the time limit. This genre is really addictive and has countless variants. You might also want to check out Candy Crush Saga and Zookeeper DX.

screen480x480 (4)Read our review and get Bejeweled ($0.99) or Bejeweled HD ($3.99) from the AppStore.


Tilt to Live

This is another popular game which sports an accelerometer based gameplay. Guiding an Arrow through the sea of red Dots is much more thrilling than one would imagine. Use power-ups and eliminate as many dots as possible to heap points. Presence of multiple modes and explosive visuals just adds to the addiction. Geometry Wars and Hyper Snake are similar games, you might be interested in.

mzl.quzloyfr.480x480-75Read our review and get Tilt to Live ($2.99)  or Tilt to Live HD (Free) from the AppStore.


Fall Down 2

A game that speaks through its simplicity. Guiding a glowing ball in a neon-block world with just two controls, is all the game has to offer and yet, you can’t put this game down. Reach as below as possible before the laser burns you down. Being free makes it ad-supported but is not obstructive. Overall its a thumbs up for FallDown! 2.

fall down 2Read our review and get FallDown! 2 (Free) from the AppStore.


Other notable addictive games:
Tiny Wings
Fruit Ninja
Angry Birds
Plants vs Zombies
Doodle jump