MotoTrialz – be the fastest rider in the world

On May 16, 2011

MotoTrialz is an application made  for all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch.It  is a full 3D based on true physics motor bike trials. Wheelie, jump and loop-the-loop  through 27  provocative levels packed with moveable obstacles, moving platforms, seesaws & more.

Climb steep slopes & overtake the difficult  obstacles Рyou are not  limited just  to drive over a terrain!




You can also earn awards for finishing stages and you can also  compare your times with friends or the rest of the world with Openfeint Online Leaderboards.

MotoTrialz Features:
• 3D true physics environment.
• 27  levels with 3 levels  of difficulty.
• Stages & Levels that you can unlock
• Intuitive controls
• Ragdoll collisions.
• Working bike shocks.
‚Ä¢ Leaning controls your rider’s position.
• Awards system
•  Using Openfeint Online Leaderboards you can compete to be the fastest rider in the world
• Free updates.



via @148apps