Mozilla withdraws Firefox Home from iOS

On September 2, 2012

Firefox Home is Mozilla’s response to the iOS mobile platform by Apple. The whole project makes use of the iOS Sync feature which was made available a few years ago. First seen in 2010, the application has been used by a lot of people but it seems that it will finally come to an end. This is because Mozilla had officially withdraw the application from the Apple App Store. Users that have been using this browser will have to resort to either Safari or some other third-party applications instead.

Developers on the other hand, won’t be so unlucky. This is because the source code for the scratched project was made available on GitHub and it could a good reference to those that wants to make use of the iOS Sync feature. In fact, the source code will be made free of any Mozilla trademarks meaning that you can make use of the source code and build your own browser or application out of it.

Mozilla Firefox Home was a good project as it syncs all your tabs and history throughout your devices. However, it may be due to the restrictions available in the iOS such as the lack of possibility of choosing a default browser that makes it hard for Mozilla to stay in the market.