Mr. Dreamer hitting the App Store on July 31st!

On July 18, 2012

A year ago we reviewed an awesome game: DEO. Beautifully designed, with an inspiring gameplay and original idea. We kept in touch with the developers (the merry bunch at Strapped to a Meteor) and they pitched us about an upcoming release, Mr. Dreamer.

Since our editor team was already a fan of DEO, we kept an eye to their blog and twitter account. And a few days ago, we got the awesome trailer. Stop being a dull worker at Broccoli1 Co! Daydream as much as you can!

Mr. Dreamer is a different take in running games. Moving around by tilting and twisting your iThing, tapping to go from up to down. If you are running downwards you lose your life, so… Do it as little as possible, and catch as many candies as you can. We can’t wait to play this one 🙂

[1] I wonder if that’s a reference to Sim City… If there are llamas in the game, no doubt.