Multiple Copies Of Apps For the Same Household? Maybe Not

On July 25, 2008

Here are WhatsOniPhone we work hard to bring our thoughts, impressions and reviews rather than merely repeated information from other posts. That noted, this was way too good not to pass on to everyone.

Here’s the situation-

I have an iPhone and an iPod Touch.

My wife currently has a Touch but will be replacing it with an iPhone as soon as they are back in stock and available.

She has her Mac and I have a desktop and a notebook.

I have already spend a boatload on applications for both my personal use and for the sake of reviews here on the site.

I have NO interest in having to purchase the same app if both of us are interested. So what, if any, options are there available to me? Do we have to buy multiple versions of the same apps?

Not neccessarily.

iTunes uses an approach known as "Fair Play" for their DRM (Digital Rights Management). It means that I can use/play my purchases on up to 5 machines and multiple handhelds so log as they are mine. As a result, if my account is activated on my wife’s MacBook Pro she should and can be able to also use my applications and it is within the bounds of the Fair share policy.
Translation- we do not need to purchase multiple copies and (from what we can tell) it is perfectly Legal/Kosher/Appropriate.

For a full step by step on how to do it check out this link.

Huge thanks to TUAW for bringing it to our attention.