Must have apps for new iPhone users

On November 11, 2011

There are thousands of new iPhone users every day and the number keeps on growing. As like any devices, there are a list of must have applications for new iPhone users and here are some of these applications.

Whatsapp – This application boasts a stunning 1bn messages sent a day and it is for good reason as well. This application utilizes the address book of the device thus eliminating the need to add new contacts. Not only is it available for iPhone but also for all other devices as well.

Evernote – There isn’t any other application that does note-taking easier than Evernote. All the notes written on the application is kept online which means that users can sync their notes with their computers or even other devices as well.

Instagram – A fast way of editing and sharing photos. It is used by thousands of users worldwide and if users feel like making an iPhone 4 case out of their Instagram photos, then they can check out Casetagram to do so as well.

Kindle – Those that like reading should definitely get the Kindle application. It allows the user to read from their Kindle library or purchased books from the Amazon website.