Must-Have Apps – Multi-Photo

On May 13, 2009

Archie reviewed Multi-Photo back in January and gave it top marks. As he explained…

I love the camera on my iPhone… not because it’s great — it isn’t. Part of it is because I always have it with me, true, but that’s not the whole story as I have had a camera on many past phones and not used them nearly as much. I think I use the iPhone camera more because I can get the photos I take to other people much more quickly and in a variety of ways. I take a picture and I can easily put it on Facebook, send it to my friends, or put it up on Flickr. This app, Multi-Photo Email, helps to get that done. Even though it is easy to email out a picture taken on the iPhone, it is a real pain to email out multiple pictures at the same time. Multi-Photo Email takes the pain away.

I took a look at it at the time but for some reason didn’t buy it. Then, the other day,

I got an email from Archie’s iPhone with not one but four pictures attached. I asked him which app he used and he reminded me of his review. Well, I got the app and I must say, Archie called it here!

Multi-Photo is fantastic. It is quick, simple to use and makes sending multiple images a breeze. As he put it in his Quick Take…

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again: No Doubt
Learning Curve: Slight, and taken care of with help screens/video
Who Is It For: People who use their iPhone camera and share the results

What I Like: Simple expansion of an app I use all the time.
What I Don’t: Picking each photo separately… and I’m not a big fan of wood paneled backgrounds, but why quibble.

Final Statement: This program is my new standard for help and support. They do a great job with the app and a better one helping people use it.

My Rating: 5/5

I completely agree… and that’s why Multi-Photo is one of our… "Must-Have" apps. Get it HERE.