My Favorite Apps

On December 15, 2009

South Park Mega-MillionaireI’ve already done a wish list for the holidays, so I figured I’d also round out the new year by naming my favorite apps that are currently on my device.  That is to say, the ones I use most often.  I eliminate from this list any program that actually came with the iPod Touch and prefer to focus on third party applications.

Pocket God – A fun app in which you get to kill off a myriad of island natives in cute yet gruesome ways.  A rival company developed a similar game called Pocket Devil, in which you torture denizens in Hell.  That one is a little more bloody.

Remote – This free app lets you control iTunes by remote control.  This is great if you watch or listen to a lot of content via iTunes.

South Park Mega Millionaire – I don’t play this anymore but when I first got it I didn’t stop playing it until I finished all levels.

Stanza – Any app that lets me download literary classics as well as Doctor Who novels for free is okay in my book.

CNN Mobile – This is quite simply the best newsreader program in the App Store.  When I originally got it I liked that it streamed the actual network, but it doesn’t seem to do that any more.  Or it could be that I just can’t find that functionality anymore.

But of course, my tastes are not shared by everyone.  What are your favorite iPhone or iPod Touch apps?