My iPhone Wish List

On August 1, 2010

iPhone 4Now that I’ve had the opportunity to use the iPhone 4 for a while, there are a few obvious things and a few not so obvious things that I wish it had.

I never had a serious problem with the antenna and opted to get a bumper case early on because I liked how it looked and offered additional protection to my phone.  So obviously, the non-bumper fix for the antenna would make top of my list.  The other public issue that I think needs some addressing is the proximity sensor one, which doesn’t happen to me often, but we’ve heard enough complaints about (even after the latest OS update), that it still seems like something that needs addressing.  Other than those two, here are a few more;

  • Carrier-Free: The iPhone should be offered carrier-free.  Apple should offer easy access to the internals for assigning it to whatever wireless carrier they wish.  Most in the U.S. would then flock to Verizon for quality and others for price.  I personally have had my share of problems with AT&T (I live within eye shot of NYC) and wish AT&T could do something about all of these dropped calls.
  • Wireless Sync – There is no reason the iPhone couldn’t wirelessly sync with iTunes over a network.  It’s an option offered on jailbroken iPhones.  Wires are so yesterday, so why not make this a standard feature?
  • Webcam – The iPhone should plug into any computer and act as a webcam.  Of course that would involve straightening out the issues with FaceTime, which brings me to:
  • FaceTime – This should have been interacting with iChat from the starting gate.  Apple should also give each phone a unique ID unrelated to its telephone number so it’s possible to FaceTime purely from WiFi without the initial need for a cellular connection.

I’m sure there is more I could think of over time.  Is there any options on your iPhone wish list that I didn’t include?