“My Top Apps” Etymotic HF2 Contest Ends… Winner Announced Soon…

On December 25, 2008

UPDATE: Great Entries Everyone. Sifting through them now and we’ll announce the winner soon.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to give one of our favorite iPhone accessories– the Etymotic HF2– away last night. We absolutely love our HF2 headset and we know that our first hf2 winner is going to love it too.

Guess what? He’s not the only one who’ll be rocking to a new pair of high-end headphones in 2009!  That’s right, our good friends at Etymotic didn’t just give us just one pair of HF2 headphones to share with you — they gave us two!  And we’re giving away another new set this Saturday night!

If you want this new set, you’re going to have to work a bit this time around.  If you want a chance to win, you’ll have to be willing to help out some of the people who unwrapped a brand-new shiny iPhone or iPod Touch this morning. And here’s how —

A number of weeks ago I shared a post about those applications that have taken up permanent residence on my first home screen. Obviously, it makes a tremendous amount of sense to have those applications I use most right there when I unlock my iPhone.  It makes even more sense after the most recent firmware update since you can now tap the home button and jump right to that screen.

Turns out that permanent is a relative term. In the weeks since, that list of applications has changed. I’ll be updating my list Saturday afternoon, and we’d like you to do the same.

So to win the headset Saturday night you’ll need to do the following…

Just imagine your friend John just called and he’s super excited. His siblings joined forces and got him an iPhone. He is so excited — especially since he’s been listening to you go on and on and on about your iPhone for months on end.  He wants to get using it immediately so he asks, "What are the first nine applications I should load, and  why should they be there?"

Your job is to tell John what nine applications he should choose AND WHY (we want specifics — details — real reasons!)

Send us your list to us at   [email protected] by this Saturday at 6 PM Eastern time. 

We’ll pick the best list out of those received and award the headset to the winner. 

We’ll also share that list in its entirety with everyone and share a consolidated list of all the others. 

Why? Because as the list of apps grows larger and larger, and it gets harder and harder to find the gems, what could be better than hearing favorites from other users and maybe discovering a new app or two that you didn’t know existed!