N64 Emulator Android Apk Download

On March 19, 2012

N64 Emulator Android

N64 Emulator Android – Everyone loves a blast from the past. I grew up around the older consoles including the Nintendo 64 which was one of my all time favourite consoles. It had great controls, great games and was well up to spec, compared to the other consoles that were available at the time like the Playstation 1.Now with mobiles and tablets becoming more and more powerful, someone has finally made a N64 Emulator for Android devices. This is great news to all of you droidsters out there.

Although it is in very early stages, already the app has received some very positive reviews from users. Once installed it is so easy to find Nintendo 64 game ROMs to download, all over the internet are huge databases of old obsolete N64 games that are now FREE to download. How good  is that?

I think it’s about time someone finally brought a Free N64 Emulator Android to the Google Play Marketplace so many of us can relive some fond childhood gaming memories.

This emulator is actually an exact copy of open source app Mupen64Plus AE 1.7 that was mainly coded by a guy called Paul Limb and you can see more about this project and many others he is working on at his personal website and forums here.

By the looks of the data on Google Play, N64 Emulator Android has only been out for about a week or two but in that time it has revived a huge amount of installs, 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 according to data on Google Play, and it has received a massive 3,593 ratings, which is very impressive considering the app has only been around for a week or two.

I hope many of you download and enjoy this fabulous N64 Emulator for Android. If you would like to download N64 Emulator Android just follow this link to the Google Play product page.