Neko’s Puddle will be on iOS this Thursday

On July 31, 2013


Anyone following the console gaming world, will be familiar with Puddle, by Neko. Currently available for Playstation, Xbox and Android, the game will finally make its appearance on iPhone and iPad, a year after its initial release.

Here is the must watch trailer of the game.

This game revolves around fluid-physics as you manoeuvre a puddle of water, coffee, lava or nitroglycerine through puzzling levels. Flowing through pipes, slopes, wires, flowers and even a zero gravity field, the fluids interact with objects, lasers, mines, pits, electric fields and more. Transfer the liquid to the drain and win the level. The dynamic levels with stunning visuals and innovative gameplay are sure take over the AppStore tomorrow.



According to Poketgamer, Puddle will feature 22 acheivements and be optimised for retina display. The pricing details are still unavailable.

We’ll provide an in-depth review, as soon as it gets released. So, stay tuned.