Netflix + iPhone = Total Queue Control

On December 15, 2008

I had a subscription to Netflix for a number of years and really enjoyed the service. About this time last year, however, I realized I wasn’t viewing enough movies to make the monthly fee worth the cost. Add to that the fact that they were rolling out their streaming service but the movie were limited to Windows only, and… well I ended up canceling my subscription. 

After learning that the service now streams to Mac’s last week I decided to give Netflix another go. I thought it was worth a look so I re-upped last week and I’m glad I did!

I found that not only does the streaming work superbly, but the movie selection has become far, far better. There’s now stuff that I actually want to watch and it is available immediately… on demand… for no more than my monthly fee… I absolutely love it.

So here I am back with Netflix. My $9 a month subscription gets me one disk at a time and allows access to unlimited streaming. It is a great combination, especially since, for a host of reasons, I’m going to be watching a lot more movies than usual over the next few weeks.

Suddenly I’m taking a different kind of interest in the numerous NetFlix cue app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They allow you to search for movies, see what is recently released and even manage your queue remotely. And I figured that instead of downloading 1 or 2 and reviewing them it might be worthwhile to look at all of them at one time. Therefore, throughout this week we’ll take a look at all of the apps currently available. At the end of the week we’ll wrap it up with a head-on comparison summary and the app I recommend.

Therefore, let’s queue up the Netflix review/head-to-head.