NetNewsWire News

On June 8, 2009

They say that timing is everything but the timing on this is a bit freaky.

Just last night I was reading an article using NetNewsWire (I continue to bounce back and forth between NetNewsWire and Google Reader with some iNews mixed in) and thought to myself- "Self, it has been a long long while since this app was updated. I wonder what is going on???"

Well, just hours later…

my pal Patrick J over on JustAnotheriPhoneBlog grabbed the scoop… apparently it is likely (95% so) that sync with Google Reader will be part of the next version of both the iPhone AND Mac NetNewsWire applications. Patrick explains…

In a post on his blog site today Brent Simmons, the creator of NetNewsWire, gives a major update on where he is at with NetNewsWire.  Here are some of the highlights from that post:

No estimates yet of when the new versions will be out but it sounds like they’re both being worked on very actively now …

Here’s the scoop: both versions are in extremely active development. I’m currently working on NetNewsWire 3.2 and 4.0 for Mac and NetNewsWire 2.0 for iPhone.

I don’t have time estimates — any guesses would be completely wrong. But nobody’s more impatient than I am.

Support for Google Reader sync is the plan …

The plan is to add Google Reader syncing to NetNewsWire 3.2/Mac and NetNewsWire 2.0/iPhone also. I can’t promise for sure for-sure, but I’m 95% sure.


It is great news for those of us who keep bouncing back and forth between Google Reader and NetNewsWire. Let’s hope it comes to pass.

You can read the whole post over on JAiB.