New and interesting iPhone Apps

On November 22, 2011

Hundreds of iPhone apps are added weekly and with this we have filtered some of the best and worthy to be put on this blog. Some of these are good applications that are worth mentioning while some has a unique concept which may burst through the market.


Usually people rate restaurant and places from the scale of 1 to 5 but the same cannot be said about Stamped. Users just need to ‘Stamp’ the places or services that they do like. In addition to that, reservations for restaurants, book purchases and a few other services are made available with this application as well.

CityVille Holidaytown

CityVille is one of the most played online game for iPhone and to make it even better, Zenga, the developer behind the game decided to release another CityVille edition called the CityVille Holidaytown. The concept is similar with CityVille except that the place on which the users play is now covered with snow and is geared towards Christmas as well. Car Insurance

Money Supermarket is one of UK top price comparison sites and this car insurance application lets the user compares different car insurance plans with insurance companies from all around the United Kingdom. There are a lot of car insurance plans for different type of vehicles available to compare with.