New In The App Store – 12seconds

On December 18, 2008

I still find it rather frustrating that Apple has not added the capability of using the iPhone’s camera to take video. It doesn’t really make sense to me but then again it’s only one of a number of moves that Apple has and continues to make that are beyond comprehension. As a result, for the for suitable future were left trying to find workarounds. Some have chosen to jail break their iPhone’s well others have just given up and grabbed up one of of "flip video minos".  (that would include yours truly.) Now some innovative folks have found a unique way to get some of that functionality right on their iPhone’s without having to jail break.

12 seconds is both an iPhone application and a website for sharing your creations. The iPhoto application creates an effect that, up to a certain degree, creates the appearance of a brief video clip. It works this way —

When you start the application it asks if you want to take a new picture or use one of those already on your iPhone. You select a photo or taken alone, it allows you to resize  or retake the image and then it prompts you to save it.  Of this process occurs two more times they get a total of three images. It then gives you an opportunity to record 12 seconds of audio that will accompany the images. And that’s it. A button and your slideshow is sent to  the 12 second website. From there you can see it, share it, or others can go and visit so long as you  made it public.

It may sound a bit odd and contrived but I got an early version of the application yesterday prior to its release.  I tried it out and discovered that in that she works pretty well. Here’s a quick example…

iphone app for from Sol Lipman on Vimeo .

and Here is a video I did last night…

Hackentastic MSI Wind on

12seconds costs $.99 and is available HERE in the App Store.

For more information check the site HERE.