New In The App Store – iGottaGo (It Is Not What You Think!)

On December 16, 2008

I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong.

iGottaGo isn’t like those newly permitted "potty-apps" like Pull My Finger.

This isn’t "iGottaGo" as in "iGottaGo To The Bathroom!"

This is "iGottaGo" as in "iGottaGo Because You Just Won’t Shut Up!"

As the developer explains it…

Ever need an excuse to cut that boring call short? Now you have the perfect app! iGottaGo from Coresoft is different from all those "phony call" apps out there, because iGottaGo gives you perfect excuses to cut a call short by playing high quality samples of situations that give you an "out" from the call every time! Situations iGottaGo simulate are: Baby / Kid crying. Static. Busy city street with loud traffic. Nearby construction. Loud approaching trains with crossing bells. Gun range. Loud airplanes flying overhead. Busy airport (also could work for any crowded loud area)
So the next time your call is going longer than you would like, just fire up iGottaGo and cut it short!

Okay, so I don’t know how effective this app would be in real life "interaction avoidance" but the name itself was worth the current price. Oh, right… it was free!

iGottaGo is available HERE in the App Store and, at least right now, it is FREE!