New In The App Store – Move Radio

On February 25, 2009

New to the iPhone streamed radio world is a little application MoveRadio. It has a slick interface and is priced right since it’s free. Let’s take a quick look at it…

Here’s Move Radio’s description-

Move Radio is a mobile music portal powered by DJs around the world. Our network brings together a community of DJs who provide the hottest music mixes to anyone with a mobile handset or portable music player. The service is directed to avid music consumers and DJs with ties to nightlife culture on an International level. Our vast array of music content is distributed online, via mobile WAP and direct-to-handset applications. Consumers have unlimited access to more than 400 DJ shows, and 20 DJ powered music channels for free. The service allows consumers to discover exclusive mixes & unreleased music from all genres.

DJs Make It Happen, Move Radio is built around the DJ. Our platform is designed to promote the DJ, sell the DJ,and let the DJ be heard. With a custom interface that allows the DJ to upload streaming mixes across our music network, Move Radio has made it simple to stream & promote mixes. Move Radio strives to be authentic. This is all about DJs and music, offering the world’s best social, user-generated platform that lets DJs and listeners come together and revel in the music that shapes our lives.

We top it off by offering our music channels as mobile and online-based applications. With Move Radio Mobile, users worldwide have continuous access to our channels via their mobile handset or wifi-enabled portable music player. Anywhere, Anytime.

What did I think?

First off I wasn’t happy with move radio because in order to even access the application you need to give your e-mail address, password, and your iTunes cell phone number. That isn’t something that I would recommend anyone doing unless you know the company and the policies quite well. I did give my info but only for the sake of the website. I would recommend anyone giving their cell phone number blindly to a free application. (I hope I don’t regret giving mine.)

The interface of the application is rather nice. It has a visualizers that is interesting and it offers quick access to up to five different DJ base stations. You can select favorites or go online to get access to their premium account.

I really like the idea of user — created content. I like the idea of music as a social network. I like a lot about this app and the price is right but I still have concerns over the privacy issues and for that reason alone I can’t recommend this.

Instead I recommend using one of the other excellent services which are also better known. Personally I’ve been getting a lot of use of Slacker Radio and am considering getting a premium prescription for myself.

If Move Radio stops asking for mobile number in order to sign up and be happy to take a new unless they can explain to me why you need my mobile number in order to get an account —  thanks but no thanks.