New In The App Store: ScriBall

On September 24, 2008

ScribBall, Howling Moon Software’s arcade game for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available.

ScribBall is…

…an arcade/puzzle game with all of the addictive fun of the Mac version. The simple touch controls and realistic physics make for an easy-to-learn and intuitive game. Furthermore, ScribBall makes full use of the tilt feature, so as you move your iPhone or iPod from side to side, the balls will tumble and roll just like you’d expect.

According to the developer,

When a group of four colored balls touch, they will pop and an avalanche of new balls will tumble in to take their place. Quickly and strategically tap out a few balls to set up the next match even before they settle into place. If your fingers are swift enough, you’ll add to an ever growing combo. This requires a bit of planning as every tap brings you closer to game over.

ScribBall is costs $3.99 and is now available in the App Store.

You can get it HERE.