New In The App Store – Soonr

On January 5, 2009


I find myself increasingly comfortable leaving home without my notebook even when I have a good deal of work to do. Thanks to my iPhone and a growing assortment of productivity apps I’m able to do almost everything I might need to do computer-wise right on my handheld.

Now Soonr takes it one step further by making it possible to not only access files on your iPhone remotely, but to collaborate with others too. With Soonr…

Everyone creates their own personal cloud using the software you download here. Select the files and folders you always want with you, and enjoy your new cloud power on your iPhone or anything with a browser!

  • Secure your files with set it and forget it backup.
  • View PC or Mac documents and pictures fast.
  • Share files with anyone, using just their mobile phone number.
  • Search all files in your cloud.
  • Print to any shared printer!

And there’s more. Be in control and in touch even when you’re away from your desk and computers are turned off. New freedom, security and mobility.

It looks to be an incredibly powerful tool. So powerful, in fact, that it’s best understood through a demonstration.







You can get details on the service HERE. The iPhone app is free in the App Store and available HERE.