New Apps for iPhone and iPad

On September 14, 2011

With hundreds of apps being added by the week, getting the best ones may be hard. We had searched for some of the new apps that are worth being mentioned and here are those that we think is suitable for you to add.

Penultimate – Being a student requires you to have a place to store all your notes. Usually, people write it on paper but that is so last year. Penultimate is your ultimate app to store your notes and the new update allows you to add photos which is beneficial to many as well. At $0.99, it is a lot cheaper than getting new books constantly.

Idea MixGood ideas don’t come often and to get good ideas, you’d need a healthy mind. Idea Mix does exactly that. It works relatively simple, every day, it gives out a challenge for the user to do. You will have to take photo of the challenge and upload it through Instagram. It is definitely a good way to keep you on the go every day.

ESPN ScoreCenterBeing in the know about the latest games and score is important for an avid sports fan. ESPN ScoreCenter allows you to get all the latest updates and news about sports such as soccer, basketball and many more.