New EU Project to Improve Mobility across Europe

On April 3, 2014


Project partners from across Europe gathered in Brussels to launch a major new EU-funded project, ECIM – the European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility. The idea behind ECIM is to create a system that makes it easier for cities to transport goods and people between locations.

According to Gorazd Marini?, Senior Researcher and ECIM Project Coordinator, “ECIM will use the cloud to create a market place for transportation solutions that cities and SMEs alike can use to create, deploy and sell smart urban mobility applications.” He added:

‘’Thanks to ECIM, new service creators from across the world will be able to take advantage of an advanced cloud marketplace to add their own services for addressing the critical mobility challenges facing cities everywhere from congestion and overcrowding through to inaccessibility and pollution. They will also be able to use our unique service catalogue to create innovative new ‘mashed up’ solutions to problems we don’t yet even know about.’’

The plan is that ECIM will help gather information about the best possible route a person can take between point A and B, whether this means taking public transportation or going by car. ECIM will provide live traffic updates, estimate the trip time in advance and guide users to the right destination.