New Images Of iPhone 5C – Would You Like A Pink Version?

On September 3, 2013

The iPhone name is again on everyone’s lips, as expected, people mostly talk about iPhone 5C, which is said to be low-cost version of Cupertino both rumored and waited. It appeared again in pictures, in China.

New images of so-called iPhone 5C appeared in China website, which has since removed the published images in “no authorization” as explains the new message posted instead. However, the news from 9to5Mac noted them in the first instance and published images on their website, which we offer:

So how would you like a pink iPhone? Or blue? Or yellow? It talks about a nearby Nokia Lumia line of colors, although for me personally, colorful iPhone … is not inspiring. Maybe I am too conservative. However, tastes are subjective by definition.

iPhone 5C is likely to be unveiled next week at the Apple event on September 10, along with, of course, much more refined iPhone 5S. Also, a new iPad upgrade is quite plausible, even if tablets usually come to light through October.

Regarding prices, analysts talk about 350-400 euro for iPhone 5C, which is far from being very cheap. True, the road is long and arduous from the exclusive line that Apple has accustomed us to the low-cost gear which is in great competition these days.