New Informations About iPhone 5S: 12 MP camera

On April 19, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S is again the top topic on the rumor list. The newest speculation refers to the new device’s technical Characteristics and less to the design of the next iPhone.

According to MacRumors, citing a Vietnamese tech site,, Apple iPhone 5S will have a 12 MP camera, taking into account that iPhone 5 has a 8MP camera. In addition, the sources said that, the camera will be much improved for taking pictures in low light conditions.

If we look at the trend already set by HTC, for the Ultrapixel mode that equips HTC ONE, and PureView technology from Nokia, available in different versions on multiple Lumia phones, rumors might come true.

Speculation on the iPhone camera upgrade have as a starting point sources in Wondeeful Saigon Electrics, a company specializing in supplying camera modules for the previous generation of Apple smartphone.

How credible is the source of such speculation? The website that has published information from the Apple partner is the same that has released the first confirmed information about the new EarPods headphones and the first camera model of iPod Touch.