New iOS app by Blockbuster makes movie renting more mobile

On May 29, 2013


Blockbuster has taken yet another step in enhancing their customer experience. The DISH Network subsidiary announced the release of its new Blockbuster iOS application, which is available as a free download from the App Store.

The Blockbuster app allows users to browse a catalog that has over 100,000 movies, game titles, and TV shows, as well as watch movie trailers, manage their Blockbuster By Mail queue, and check the latest releases available at the local Blockbuster store. This app has been designed for compatibility with iOS 5.1.1 version and later.

Blockbuster customers, especially the millions who love the Blu-ray and DVD experience, can now use their mobile devices to gain better control over their entertainment experiences. According to Blockbuster vice president of product, Mitch Weinraub, “Blockbuster By Mail members no longer have to be at a computer screen to add, re-prioritize or organize movies in their queue.”

Mitch said, “Our on-the-go customers can use the iOS app anywhere to easily peruse our 100,000-plus title catalogue and decide which new release to watch next.”

This is a free app for both Blockbuster members and non-members.

Blockbuster iPhone, iPad app [iTunes link]