New iPad App for Pinterest, iPhone app gets redesigned

On August 17, 2012

Sometimes, a little bit of change can go a long way and that is most probably what the people behind Pinterest thinks. This is because there were two changes that were made to its iOS applications. We are talking about both the iPad and the iPhone app for the company. As far as the iPad app is concerned, you are looking at a new one that supports the iPad specifically. For the iPhone application on the other hand, it got redesigned by the people from Pinterest.

The iPhone application had a few things changed. For example, they have included a 2-column layout which allows the user to see more pins as compared with the single column settings that was done on the previous version. In addition to that, you can also post message from just about any website as well as upload your favorite photos from your iOS device.

Pinterest used to be an invite-only social networking website but that policy was dropped last week. Launched in March 2012, Pinterest is the third largest social networking website in the United States and receives weekly visit of 11 million users worldwide. Pinterest users have since expressed interest on an iPad app and thus the release recently.