New iPhone 4 Screen Resolution Reported

On May 17, 2010

A report from DigiTimes today claimed that the next-generation of iPhone will include a resolution of 960×640 (up from the current 480×320).  Even though there have been a number of iPhone prototypes found recently, it hasn’t been confirmed that they carried the higher resolution.

In addition, the next-generation of display will also use fringe-field switching (FFS).  This technology improves viewing angles and performance in outdoor light.  This type of display technology would be vital if Apple wants to be able to launch the iBook Store on the iPhone device when they release the phones.

The report also makes comment that the new iPhone will be able to carry a larger battery size due to the fact that these screens are 33% thinner than the current model screen and that would provide the space needed to extend the battery life.  With the addition of processor and memory upgrades (something that would almost be mandatory for the new multitasking features coming), the new iPhone will be caught up with its closest Android competition in terms of processor speed and screen resolution.

The new iPhone is expected to be introduced on June 7th at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference.