New iPhone 5 will be a lot better, faster

On September 30, 2011

There isn’t a time when a new iPhone isn’t better as the old one and the same can also be said for the new iPhone. A lot of people reckon that the iPhone 5 will be better, faster and a lot smarter as compared with its predecessor and it is all for a good reason too.

Based on a keynote speech at the MacWorld Asia by a prominent figure in China Telecom, it seems that the new iPhone will offer HSPA+ technology which is a lot more than what the current HSDPA can offer. Instead of offering speeds up to 7.2Mbps, the said technology can give the user a sweet 21Mbps worth of connection.

In addition to that, the new A5 processor will ensure that all of the applications will run smoothly without a hitch. There’s also a chance that the memory of the device will be increased by double the amount available in the current iPhone 4. This will be important especially with the Voice Control feature that is set to take off with the new iPhone.

For all that’s worth, the new iPhone will of course sport a thinner body and a bigger screen. This would make the device a lot more enjoyable than before.