The new Shazam for iOS listents all the time in the background

On December 21, 2013


If you still sometimes feel like you’ve missed hearing a song not being quick enough to turn Shazam on, now there will be no problem.

Smartphones like Moto X made waves in the industry with its launch a few months ago, in part because it was always ready to take up voice commands.¬†Functions such those offered by Google Now and the Moto X will not see anytime soon on the iPhone, but luckily there is something to confirm that Apple’s smartphone is able to listen all the time.

The new Shazam launched today, has an On/Off switch on its front page marked Auto. Once it is activated, Shazam for iOS works in the background continuously to identify songs you pass by every day. You can close the application and you can hang the phone but as long as you have notifications turned on, the name of each song and the artist who sings it appears on your iPhone’s screen.

Then you can force recognition of a song from the button in the middle of the screen, but is not likely to be needed. As a small detail, this particular function has existed for some time in Shazam version for iPad, but only now arrives on iPhone. You only have to download Shazam for iOS from AppStore, if by anyhow you’ve missed the opportunity to install it until now.