Important information about the new version of jailbreak

On June 20, 2011

Comex released few minutes ago again a very interesting tweet regarding jailbreak for your iPad 2. As you can see is a link that takes us on a page of explanations about how files and partlys are organized on iPad and on the functioning of the Cydia application installation procedures.

Anyway to summarize, Comex is working on the jailbreak for iPad 2, trying to fix problems that lead to instability and a decrease in overall system performances after jailbreak and once we have these issues resolved quickly jailbroken iPad 2 does not require restarting and maintaining the jailbreak’s especially after a firmware update to a newer version of the operating system.

Seems that iOS 5 could guarantee this operation because the new system introduced by Apple in terms of delta updates that will not need for iTunes to download and upload the new .ipsw file in our device.

Profit used to signal a message coming from Veeenence that says JailbreakMe 3.0 in addition to being compatible with the iPad 2 will be compatible with the iOS 4.0 installed on your iPhone 3GS and iPad from the first generation.