New On – Accessory Wednesdays

On November 19, 2008

Since we launched What’s On iPhone this June, we have had, and continue to have, a great time reviewing the growing number of applications available in the iTunes App Store.

It is, and remains, our focus here on the site. But, applications are just the first part of what makes the iPhone a remarkable device.

Just as new apps enhance the usability of the iPhone and help unlock its potential, so too do the ever growing number of iPhone accessories.  

They enhance the usefulness and enjoyment of our favorite electronic wonder. In fact, apps and accessories often go hand in hand. A good speaker system can help pump out the music flowing from Pandora. A high quality noise canceling headset makes Jott job transcribing your message all the more accurate. And, a good case can make using the iPhone to play the new (and awesome!) racing game Fastlane easier or much more difficult.

Accessories are a key part of the iPhone’s ecology, so starting today, we’ll be looking at a few each Wednesday.

While we won’t be losing our focus on new and updated applications, we’ll spend some time every Wednesday, giving our thoughts on some of the best (and worst) in the ever-growing world of iPhone and iPod Touch accessories.

So today, we welcome you to the first edition of Accessory Wednesdays.