New Yorker Cover Proves… Tools Are One Thing… Talent Another: News Of The Day

On May 26, 2009

One of my teachers once told me the story of a guy who wanted to be a ship’s captain so he went out and bought a boat and a captain’s hat. He invited his dad to visit and said proudly. "Look dad, I’m a captain."

His father replied, "To me you look like a captain. To a captain. however, not so much."

You can have the best tools but that doesn’t make you an artist. At the same time, you can have very basic tools and, if you have that hard-to-quantify ability known as "being artistic", you can take even the most basic of tools and create something awesome.

That’s what Jorge Colombo did when he drew the cover of this week’s New Yorker magazine using the $5 iPhone app Brushes.

The piece took him all of an hour during which, as TUAW notes, "Passers-by just assumed he was checking his email."