Newest The Blockheads update allows play with 32 other builders in multiplayer planets

On June 28, 2013

Majic Jungle Software has once again updated its adventure/simulation game The Blockheads by introducing a substantial multiplayer element.

Upon downloading this latest update for the iOS game- which is incidentally a Gold award-winning Minecraft-esque build-’em-up- you can now play with as many as 32 other builders existing in persistent online worlds. The developer’s free Mac server app serves as the host for these multiplayer planets and they continue running in the background in the same way your single-player worlds have been doing after closing The Blockheads. This means your on-screen avatar will execute all the actions you line up before closing the app.

In case your device lacks the free Mac server app, you’ll still be able to host a multiplayer game fast on your iPhone or Ipad but it will be local and you will need to have five players nearby. It has been designed for wireless networking.

The update features other new additions like in-game multiplayer chat channels, a trading system, a two-player auto-match system that is powered by Game Center, as well as a whole bunch of blocks and items that include heavy iron doors that are only accessible to your characters and safes for secure storage of your items. There are also seven new achievements, many more tweaks, and the usual obligatory bug fixes.

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