The next Apple TV to use iPhone OS?

On May 29, 2010

Apple TVEngadget has gotten some insight that the next iteration of Apple TV will be using the iPhone OS.  More than that, it will have minimal inputs (power and TV out) and come at a price point of $99.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment before I continue.

The trick with this is that the device will not come with local storage.  Everything you purchase will be stored on a cloud somewhere rather than locally.  The advantages of this approach is that you are no longer limited by your local disk space, and of course extends the ability to Apple for an extra charge for more storage.  It also means of course that you can "share" your cloud account with multiple Apple TV units in different rooms passing data and access to video/games/apps through the cloud.

Imagine buying a game app in the App Store and being able to play it on your television.   If Apple is really doing this, they are essentially creating another game console for the home.  The only question is whether the remote control will use a touchpad or touchscreen.  I’d bet money that it works with your existing iPhone / iPad device and you’ll be able to reuse their screen input for interacting with it.  I wonder when the official announcement is going to come?  June perhaps?

In short, Apple has another major innovation and milestone coming up, and not too soon either, Google TV is right around the corner!  

What do you think of this new Apple TV concept?