Next iPhone 5 to be a game changer

On June 21, 2012

iPhone news are always some of the hottest in the market. It seems that there has already been a lot of talks about the device that is updated by Apple on an annual basis. For most people, the iPhone 4S might have been a disappointment to any especially with there were no difference in the design unlike the iPhone 4 which has been a stark contrast from its predecessors.

However, for the next iPhone, it is expected that it would be the next game changer for Apple as well as for the industry. This statement has been said by Terry Gou which is the CEO for Foxconn. In fact, the CEO went to length to suggest the market against buying the Samsung Galaxy S III as he mentioned that the new iPhone will put that product “to shame”.

In other news, it is expected that the new iPhone to be using a 19-Pin “Mini” dock connector. One of the reasons for doing so is that it will allow for space on other components. However, with this being said and done, expect a lot of iPhone accessories to be unusable with the new iPhone. Nevertheless, we certainly expect a surge in demand for adaptors between the two.