Nike+ GPS – helps you get the most out of every run

On May 25, 2011
The application Nike+ GPS boost  you to get the best of every run by following where you go and giving you the motivation to take it further.





Download this free application and start running everywhere you want. With this application in your hand, you can check every indoor and outdoor workout very easily.
Nike+ GPS features :
Рit register your rhythm, distance and the  route you want to run by using the iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer technology so you can concentrate  on the road ahead.

РAt any moment you are up for a challenge by pushing yourself further, faster, or longer to meet your goals. Then  you can celebrate your winnings with fun or   messages from Nike’s top athletes which will motivate you.

РAs you run, achieve the voice feedback on how you are doing or check  the map to see where exactly you are. After that  activate your personalized PowerSong for an extra boost.


– Rapidly send each run to where you can join competitions , set goals and connect with the rest of the Nike+ community.