Nokia Here now on iOS App Store

On November 20, 2012

It was just yesterday that we have covered about Nokia maps application called Here. Apparently, we were just a day earlier from the launch of the application. Nokia Here is now available on the Apple App Store and can be used by just about any iOS devices out there. Instead of using native app language, Nokia Here is developed through the use of HTML 5 which was the same way Facebook went before it changed to native language.

Going to HTML 5 means that Nokia Here isn’t as fast as compared with the iOS Maps application. However, it is easier for them to port the application to other platforms as well. Some of the features that you can get through Nokia Here include walk navigation, organize places, search with history and suggestions, share places and get coverage for just about 200 countries and many more.

Nokia owes its mapping application largely to Navteq, a mapping software that it had acquired some time ago. Besides Nokia, it is expected for Google to release its own map application soon. The release date has yet to be known but we will definitely cover the app when it is released.