Enjoy “incredible reading experience” with the updated Nook app for iPhone and iPad

On May 16, 2013

NOOK Media has launched its updated NOOK app for iOS. Thanks to the update, users can now download and read on their iPhones and iPads over 8,000 graphic novels and comics that are available in the expansive NOOK store. The app also comes with a spectacular Zoom View feature that allows readers to automatically focus on individual panels in the comics and graphic novels. This in turn enables them to enjoy the compelling story telling and the stunning artwork, bringing every experience to life.

As a way of celebrating the arrival of NOOK comics on the iOS app, users can now get a free DC Comics 2013 Superman Sampler. The sampler features excerpts from Superman: For Tomorrow, Superman: Last Son of Krypton, Justice League Volume 1: Origin and Superman: Earth One. The free sampler is available to users that download the updated NOOK app. Users are also required to set up a new NOOK account at nook.com/account. This free sampler is only available for a limited time.

NOOK [iTunes link]