Note2Self – Promo Code Giveaway

On January 16, 2009

Note2Self is an audio recorder and voice note sharing solution. Bring it up to your ear and start talking. Bring it back down in front of you and the recording stops and is saved or emailed automatically.
– Automatic recordings using the accelerometer by bringing the phone to your ear, turning it upside down or shaking
You must be vertically straight and the phone is positioned with the bottom at your mouth and top at the ear. You can also turn the phone face down on a table to start recording. If the accelerometer fails to reliably start recording, quit and relaunch Note2Self.
– Share your notes via email our our WiFi Server on your desktop (Mac, PC, Linux)
– Location Tracking of your notes
– Manual and Automatic Pause based on level
– Powerful Organization Abilities
– Beautifully designed to make sending email the easiest of any other app on the iPhone
– Play, Pause, Seek notes
– Pause Recordings
– Record Audio in Compressed and Uncompressed formats
– Add Text Notes
– Easy to use and great to look at
It’s a one-trick pony, but it’s a really useful trick. Only on the iPhone and 2008 iPod Touch 2G with Recording Input. Visit our website to see Note2Self in action via a QuickTime movie.

What’s New
– You can now add text to a note
– Volume bar now saves its position for next play
– Added indicator to note list for an unplayed note. Added date stamp for played
– Added iLBC codec support (smallest file)
– Improved performance in startup and in the notes list
– You can now add text notes to audio notes
– We now update the dates at midnight
– Added error detection for note being zero byte at the WebIS Server
– Fixed some bugs with multi-note editing when more items than fit on screen
– Improved multi-note sending and other sending caused by low memory usage
– Fixed two large memory leaks that could cause Note2Self not to be able to send notes in succession
– Improved Pause