NOVA 2 Apk Download

On March 15, 2012


NOVA 2 Apk Download – Nova, the ultimate sci-fi FPS is back after 6 long years from the previous chapter, here is  NOVA 2. Get ready to step into an entirely different world of gaming. Bloody civil war has broken out between the self-appointed Human-Alien Alliance and the central government of the Orbitals.

The graphics on NOVA 2 are just purely beautiful, and the game is packed full of many other amazing features.

NOVA 2 Features

– 12 chapter epic single player campaign.

– A large variety of action packed missions and you can even ride motorbikes and pilot a giant mech.

– Multiplayer support! up to 10 player battles across 5 separate multiplayer modes and 10 different maps.

– Rank up your career and get perks.

– 12 different weapons including brand new ones and updated ones plus some, thats right! special powers some examples are, Melee Disc, Slow Time and Freeze.

– If you happen to be a longtime fan of NOVA and played through the first chapter you get rewarded with a special achievement and bonus XP.

IGN gave this amazing android game a massive 8.5/10 and a Editors Choice award, they were quoted saying that the controls of the game are very smooth which helps in the game when things get a little bit crazy.

The AppEra said that N.O.V.A 2 is the best fps out there for mobile devices.

Android 2.2 and higher versions are required to use NOVA 2 Apk.

If you would like to download NOVA 2 click here.