Now Playing, Netflix – Simply Amazing!

On February 4, 2009

Oh, I remember the days of watching movies in the theatres! Having to drive by the movie theatre to see what was playing, either posted outside of the building or having to run inside to see the times and schedules. Wow, so many things have changed, hasn’t it?

If you are reading this, I will assume that you have an iPhone and you are yearning for what application you want to install next. Well, I can’t say that this will be the next application but I can tell you  one thing, “Now Playing” has definitely stepped it up a notch to rival the rest of the current movie applications out there (Flixter, Showtimes, etc.)

A while back, we did a review of “Now Playing,” and as good as it was back then, it has grown to become amazingly better this time around.

Talk about integration. Now they have incorporated Netflix into the mix. This is awesome and I can’t even say what a wonderful treat this is.

Ironically, this application was “saved by the bell.” As long as I have had it, I have been toting around “Now Playing” and “Flixter” and having two applications of the same thing just takes up too much space. So, as I was about to delete it, I realized that there was an update for this application and all and behold, this application have secured a spot on my iPhone.

I know, I have two other applications that deal with my Netflix account. In addition, I know I have at least three different “tv guide” application which one of them has a Netflix management tool as well. Yes, I know I am crazy!

Why is this so great?

Well, let’s just say, they integrate Netflix very well. They didn’t just slap on Netflix and say, “hey, look at me, we now have Netflix!” (Believe me, this happens with many applications just to keep up with the rat race and believe me, it usually turns the application from diamond to coal). Instead, the overall “Netflix Management” area is neatly done.

For those inquiring about “Instant Queue,” of course, it’s all there. What I love best! (Drum roll please…)

When you view a movie that is currently playing in the theatres, right from that screen, you can actually add that movie to your Netflix queue, as opposed to, my usual method of madness of going back and forth with Netflix and IMDB and multiple windows going back and forth.

 Here in one screen, in one nutshell, bam! Git ‘r dun!

So, in my quest for an overall effort to trim the “fat,” one of my “Movie application” will definitely have to go but “Now Playing” has definitely picked it up a notch and secured a prominent spot on my springboard.