It’s official, Google Glass goes in tandem with an iPhone

On December 20, 2013

google glass iphone myglass

Although I had major reservations such that this will ever happen, today Google Glass also works with iPhones, we see now MyGlass on iOS.

Google Glass is a revolutionary gadget whose functionality depends largely on a phone that you have in your pocket, more specifically, an application entitled MyGlass. As expected, once with several pairs of Google Glass for application developers, this app has arrived on Android smartphones. It was a product in prototype stage of the giant from Mountain View. Today is demonstrated, however, that those who think like me are wrong.

Google has just released in Apple AppStore the MyGlass app for iOS. It was also published for a few hours a few days ago in the same shop, but was withdrawn because smart glasses were not compatible with it at that time. Now, after the release of a new update, XE12, Google Glass is insured 100% compatible with any of Apple’s devices. XE12 also introduced the possibility of real-time videos uploading on YouTube and can make pictures just by winking.

Basically, similar to what MyGlass gives on Android, iPhone application allows you to fully control each function of the glasses. By MyGlass on iOS, you can install applications like Glassware, can get GPS information right on your glasses, you can do a Google contact management, or mirror the video stream coming from the glasses on your phone.

There remains now only to wait until Google Glass will enter in mass production and can be purchased by anyone with a generous amount of available money.