Oggl gives a photo sharing app bread and butter experience

On May 13, 2013

Oggl is an app that will have you ogling at your iPhone for hours. The innovative design and great look that Hipstamatic has given the photo sharing app makes it a winner even before you start enjoying the features. It certainly comes with a simpler and cleaner interface, lacking the usual clatter of comments peculiar to similar apps.

Having Oggl on your iPhone allows you to become a member of a photo sharing community where you can send and receive photos instantly and also customize them. If you like an image, you just tap on it and it brings up user information including the film and lens used to shoot it. That then offers you the option to use the same combination of settings and shoot your own beautiful photos.

This app will leave you breathless with the array of effects it comes with for shooting. Under the viewfinder are options for lens and film type, alongside preset effects consisting of a specific blend of lens and film. In the unfortunate circumstance that the photo you’ve taken is not as incredible as you hoped, you can apply these effects to enhance it.

The camera button is at the bottom or top of every view from the app, so a single tap is sufficient to get you into shooting mode. To the left and right of the shutter button are one-tap access buttons to the Oggl gallery and exit to global feed respectively. In short, you get to take a unique photo and share instantly.

Oggl [iTunes link]